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Video Highlight

Video Highlight removes hours and hours from your research time. Less time spent transcribing, pausing and rewinding. More time for exploring, analyzing and absorbing that beautiful content.


Find the needle in your video haystack. Instantly.

Unlock AI-powered timestamped summaries and transcripts, highlight key moments, and engage in interactive chats.

Stop the Pause and Rewind.

Say goodbye to the endless scrubbing. Use thetime:stampedsummary or transcript to leap directly to the moments that matter most.

Chat with your video content.

Get instant answers to complex questions through real-time chat with your videos.

Seamless Notion integration.

Elevate your note-taking: Directly export summaries, timestamps, and highlights into Notion .

And a growing list of capabilities, engineered to to help you move faster.

AI Video Outlines

Key points and outlines from every video, all powered by the latest AI technology.

Smart Search

Search specific information in both summaries and transcripts. And if that wasn't enough, you can even chat with the video itself.


Highlight videos the same way as you highlight articles or books. Engage with video content like never before.


Skim through the summary or transcript and immediately navigate to the key moment in the video.


Key Moments Screenshots

Save key moments by adding screenshots to your notes via our Beta Chrome Extension. Contact us for early access.


Transfer your summaries and highlights directly into Notion, or connect to your Readwise account. More integrations coming soon.

Supercharge your productivity using Video Highlight.

Streamline your market research process, minimize transcription efforts and sharpen your analytical focus.